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Our Catholic elementary school--hosting full-day, everyday JK / SK through Grade 8--is located in the beautiful town of Stratford, Ontario. With a population of approximately 175 students, the staff, parents and parish team of the St. Joseph’s / Immaculate Conception Parish Family have a tradition of working closely to provide quality, faith-based experiences for our children. We are pleased to have you as partners in your child(ren)’s education. Please visit our website often!




Lydia, a passionate eleven-year-old student here at St. Joseph’s School, Stratford is raising money to help support kids with cancer and bring awareness to Pediatric Cancer Research.  Lydia has a very personal connection to the disease as she has two cousins (3 & 7 years old) who have been diagnosed with some form of pediatric cancer and are currently undergoing treatment.

This amazing young lady and two other female family members are planning to shave their heads and donate their hair to wigs for cancer patients this Thursday, January 29th to show their little cousins how inspired they are by their courageous battles with DIPG (a rare brain stem tumor) and leukemia.
Lydia has also spearheaded a fundraising campaign to raise awareness for Pediatric Cancers and how there is actually only a small percentage of donated monies being spent specifically on Pediatric Cancer Research.  If you would care to make a donation to Lydia’s fundraising efforts, there is a donation jar in our school office or you can also donate through the following link:  
St. Joseph’s School is very proud of Lydia for being such a caring and compassionate family and community member.  Her dedication and passion to raising awareness for this very worthwhile cause is just the tip of the iceberg with this young student.  We know that someday she will achieve her personal goal to become a doctor who will help eradicate pediatric cancers through ongoing research efforts.  Good luck Lydia!!  We are behind you 100%!





If you wish to participate in the lunch program, you must order online by following the instructions in the links below.  Also, families can chose to pay via Paypal, credit card, or by submitting a cheque to the Office made out to St. Joseph’s School (Cash is not permitted).



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